Shamari And Ronnie Devoe Talk Having An Open Marriage And Shamari Waiting Three Years To Be Ronnie’s Girlfriend: “It Took Him Three Years For Him To Be Like ‘Okay, I’ll Be Your Boyfriend’“

Shamari and Ronnie Devoe open up about prolonging their friendship before a relationship and having an open marriage. This week, the couple appeared on #AngelaYee’s podcast “Lip Service,” where the two discussed their relationship journey. Shamari has previously been open about how the two had an open marriage which only …

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Should We Separate Artists From Their Art?

It’s the dawn of a new day, a changing of times if you will. We’ve seen these scenarios replay over and over again with different players however, seemingly the same game. Something about learning that our favorite athletes, politicians, entertainers and leaders are monsters in real life versus their professional …

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