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Beyoncé Pens Letter To Nelson Mandela Ahead of His Centennial Year Celebration: “You Made It Possible For So Many People Like Me To Reject Impossibilities”

On Wednesday, a South African newspaper published a letter written by Beyoncé, which was addressed to the late, great revolutionary and political leader, Nelson Mandela. In the letter, titled, “Dear Mabida by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter,” the Queen expressed her admiration for the former President of South Africa, opened up about the …

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White Instagram Influencer Accused Of “Blackfishing” Denies Claims, Says “Yes I’m White And I’ve Never Claimed To Be Anything Else”

19-year-old Swedish model and Instagram Influencer, Emma Hallberg, has received major backlash recently after social media users accused her of pretending to be black to gain followers. Emma adamantly denies the claims and even addressed the accusations via her IG story. Hallberg was believed to be either black or mixed …

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New Study Shows The Home Is The Most Dangerous Place For Women: Women “Continue To Pay The Highest Price As A Result Of Gender Inequality, Discrimination And Negative Stereotypes”

According to a new study, the home is the most dangerous place for women. A UN study shows that out of an estimated 87,000 women killed last year, 50,000 — or 58% — were killed by partners or family members, according to the 2018 report on the gender-related killing of …

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Toni Braxton Reveals The Hardships Of Divorce On New Episode Of “Red Table Talk:” “I Felt Shallow Because My Ex-Husband And I Broke Up For Money Issues”

In the latest episode of RedTableTalk, Jada Pinkett-Smith talks relationships and divorce with #ToniBraxton. Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook show has tackled various topics including race, relationships, rumors, and friendships. In the latest chat, Pinkett-Smith sat down with award-winning singer Toni Braxton, who opened up about previous relationships and how she “hated being …

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