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Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyers Say That Wisconsin Hunting Laws Allowed Him to Carry Gun Used in the Fatal Shootings

Kyle Rittenhouse Posts Meme of Him Crying To Mock Rises Gas Prices

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys are arguing that hunting regulations are what permitted him to carry the assault rifle used in the shootings. At a hearing on Tuesday, his attorney claimed that although Wisconsin law bans anybody under the age of 18 from possessing a firearm, they contended that the statute only prohibits minors from …

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Maryland Man Charged in 3 Murders, Killed Pharmacist Brother for Administering Covid-19 Vaccines

jeffrey burnham

A Maryland man has been charged with the murders of his brother, sister-in-law, and another woman. Police believe the accused killer, Jeffery Burnham, targeted the individuals because his brother, a pharmacist, was administering COVID-19 vaccines. Court documents say that 46-year-old Burnham “wanted to confront” his brother about “the government poisoning people …

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ESPN’s Sage Steele Temporarily Pulled off Air for Controversial Comments, Positive Covid Test

ESPN Files Motion To Dismiss Freedom of Speech Lawsuit Brought on by Anchor Sage Steele

ESPN’s Sage Steele will be taking a break from her usual duties after she made some controversial comments. The Sports Center anchor appeared on a third-party podcast where she made comments about Barack Obama’s racial background, ESPN’s coronavirus policy, and even suggested that certain female journalists face harassment because of …

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