CBS Bans Pro-Medical Marijuana Super Bowl Commercial

CBS has banned a medical marijuana commercial from airing during the Super Bowl. 

The ad was produced by Acreage Holdings, a marijuana and cannabis investment firm, which offered to pay CBS $5 million for the spot. But CBS declined the offer, stating the company is prohibited from airing marijuana ads. 

The commercial features three people’s stories: a boy who constantly suffers from numerous daily seizures that were not cured by traditional medicine, a man addicted to opioids and a veteran who was in severe pain after his leg was amputated. Each person says marijuana changed their circumstances for the better. 

The ad seeks to educate and enlighten viewers on the medicinal use of marijuana, and to push the legalization of medical marijuana on a federal level. So far, there are 30 states in the U.S. that have legalized medical marijuana use.

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