Charles Barkley Says Weight Watchers Is The Biggest Scam Ever

I don’t think me meant it how he said it but it’s still hilarious to watch. Last night while the Atlanta Hawks vs Miami game was on break, Charles Barkley began talking with fellow commenters on his weight loss. Not knowing the microphones were on and cameras were rolling he says “I thought this was the greatest scam going-getting paid for watching sports, this Weight Watchers thing is a bigger scam”. Now, what he meant was getting PAID to lose weight is a scam (for Weight Watchers) but we all know that’s not how its going to be taken. Chances are Weight Watchers Is going to cancel his commercials, fire him and keep running those annoying J.Hud ones. He also goes on to say that the hates watching the Atlanta Hawks play as well as other things I couldn’t hear because I was too busy laughing out loud! Ha!

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