China Uses George Floyd Protests To Call Out Trump’s Hypocrisy Regarding China’s Pro-Democracy Protests

China is taking shots at the U.S. over its handling of the current nationwide protests by playing up scenes of unrest and comparing it to the criticism it received from the White House about how China handled pro-democracy protests last year in Hong Kong.

Over the weekend, China clapped back at #DonaldTrump by recycling videos and images of burning buildings and police violence, which was directed at Trump’s previous criticisms of China when the country was dealing with its ongoing pro-democracy protests. Last year, the city of Beijing was taken up by millions in the streets who were protesting for a pro-democracy government amid a new law the country was trying to implement that would strip citizens of some their rights. Several U.S. figures, including #NancyPelosi, cheered on Chinese protestors.

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Now, Chinese leaders are clapping back at #DonaldTrump’s hypocrisy and for his mistreatment of protestors who are bringing awareness to the killing of #GeorgeFloyd. Foreign ministry spokeswoman #HuaChunying retweeted U.S. State Department spokeswoman #MorganOrtagus’ post that that urged Chinese citizens to take a stand against the Communist Party, using some of the last words from Floyd when he was murdered. Ortagus’ tweet read: “This is a pivotal movement for the world. It will go down in history. Freedom loving people around the world must stand with the rule and hold to account the Chinese Communist Party, which has flagrantly broken its promises to the people of Hong Kong.” In response, Chunying retweeted with a comment that reads, “I can’t breathe.”

Over the weekend, Trump insulted and criticized citizens by calling protestors “thugs” and claimed media is what is driving protestors to violence. Beijing’s political widespread unrest is the result from the country trying to justify a new national security bill that would be imposed upon the city in the next few months, according to CNN.

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