Chinese Influencers Called Out For Serious Case Of Catfishing

Chinese Influencer Coeyyy and her friend, were outed by Facebook user Ex.Treme after posting heavily altered photos on the Chinese social media platform, Xiaohonghshu.

The New York Post reported that user Ex.Treme, uploaded “before” and “after” photos of the two women that depict dramatic changes to their faces and bodies, allegedly to make them appear slimmer and more attractive.

The pictures posted to Xiaohonghshu show the pair looking airbrushed, doll-like, and doe-eyed. While in the original, they appear heavier set and have wider noses. Their editing uh-oh was discovered when Ex.Treme realized Coeyyy forgot to also edit her reflection in a window.

The influencer admitted to the incident saying, “After being secretly photographed, I haven’t been in the best of moods. That’s why these photos never made it online, after I weighed my options,” according to the translation on WorldofBuzz.

Comments under the post include, “This is catfishing to the next level!” and “This is why you can NEVER trust those beautiful photos of people online. OMG!”

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