Chris Brown Ordered To 90 Days of Anger Management Rehab

To say Chris Brown has anger issues is an understatement. Recently Chris was photographed at an event supporting fellow artist Jhene Aiko, and it was unclear why he wasn’t still in the Malibu anger management facility he checked himself into just a week prior. Today in court, the details of his early departure surfaced.


Upon checking into anger management rehab Brown agreed to refrain from violence. The facility discharged the R&B singer early because he threw a rock through his mother’s car window on November 10th. The incident took place after a counseling session where she suggested the Chris remain in treatment. The report says Brown walked outside, picked up a rock and threw it through the window of his mother’s car.


Chris Brown was ordered to 90 days in an anger management rehab as suggested by probation officials. Superior Court Judge James Brandlin also added that Brown must perform at least 24 hours of community labor a week and  submit to drug testing.


I find it completely predictable that Chris lashed out at his mother after she suggested he stay in rehab. She’s the same person who’s been enabling his behavior the whole time. You can’t baby him and expect him to not throw a tantrum like one.

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