Chris Brown Suing Promoter For Trying To Extort Him Out Of $300k

Chris Brown Suing Promoter For Trying To Extort Him Out Of $300k

An incident stemming from a New Years Eve appearance in 2014 has got Chris Brown back in court.


In 2014, Chris Brown was booked to perform in Manila, Philippines. However, a misplaced passport kept him from honoring his commitment and he canceled at the last minute. The singer vowed to make up the missed date and he did just that in July 2015. The show seemingly went off without a hitch but before Brown could leave for a scheduled performance in Hong Kong the next day, armed men blocked his exit from the hotel. Initially, it was reported that Iglesia ni Cristo, a politically powerful religious group, filed a suit against Brown and his management, claiming that the singer took $1 million in payment for the NYE show he never performed and he needs to rectify the situation or he’d be barred from leaving.  Chris tells a slightly different story, saying that a lawyer for the arena told him that unless he wired $300k to a trust fund for Jose Victor Los Banos Biongco, he was going to jail.  You may recall a lot of this incident playing out on Chris Brown’s Instagram page after the singer spent over two days held up in Manila.


Chris Brown refused to pay the $300,000 and hired an immigration lawyer who was eventually able to get him clearance to leave the Philippines. The harassment didn’t stop there, though. On his way to the airport,  Biongco sent texts looking for his money.


Luckily, Chris made it home safe but he’s still suing for “extreme” emotional distress. Despite the fact this happened in 2015, this could be a small factor into something bigger. Could Chris Brown be planning for another concert in the Philipines and he just wants to ensure his safety? We will have to wait and see!

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