Client Requests Refund After Finding Out Shop Owner is Black

Client Requests Refund After Finding Out Shop Owner is Black

A black entrepreneur is blasting a former client after receiving a disturbing email to refund an order because she is black. Royalty’s One Stop Shop is based in Portland, Oregon, and offers fashionable self-defense accessories to keep others “pretty and safe.”

In a recent trending TikTok video, the owner posted an email narrating a response to the obscene and racist email. Once one of her clients discovered she was a black woman, they immediately wanted a refund, saying, “Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that you’re a person of color.”


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The owner responds that everyone should know she’s black because she has an image of herself and a bio on the “About the Owner” page.

The client didn’t stop at that; she continued to make insults towards the owner about not supporting businesses that don’t align with “my version of support.” The client also says to put something on the site to “disclose you’re a person of color.”

She continues, “Before you start and go on a race tyrant, please be aware it is called my preference. I really hope you don’t make this a difficult process of receiving my hard-earned money back. Because we are all aware of how you people like to act when things do not go your way.”

The owner clarified she doesn’t have a problem refunding the client because the client is not a supporter or customer of hers. To make matters worse, the client then said that if they don’t get refunded within a day, they are blasting the company to their large social media following.

However, it looks like Royalty’s One Stop Shop beat the client to the punch when bringing the email to social media. Though the client’s name is blocked out, the video has received over 100k views on TikTok.

The client decides to throw more aggressive remarks toward the owner and wishes her a happy holiday hence Martin Luther King Jr. Day. “Also, happy holiday, isn’t it your people holiday today?”

The owner says how “utterly disgusted” she is with the email and asks fellow TikTokers to help find the client’s social media accounts so she can block them immediately.

She says, “I’m really disturbed that you thought this was okay. You could have simply asked for a refund…this is not okay. We need to do better in 2022.”

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  1. Yep even it being 2022 you see that racism hasn’t gone anywhere. This is sickening, I’m shocked and hurt but not surprised at all.

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