Creator of Kanye West's 'The College Dropout' Bear Costume is Selling it for $1 Million

Creator of Kanye West’s ‘The College Dropout’ Bear Costume is Selling it for $1 Million

Kanye West’s The College Dropout bear costume is on the market for $1 million. 

That’s right; you can buy the bear costume West wore from his album. The owner and creator of the beat costume, Eric Arginsky, sat down with Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive and discussed the origin of the costume. 

Hypebeast reports that the bear is actually the mascot of the school where the photoshoot for the album took place. The school refused to sell the costume to the record label, so instead, West got his own customized bear suit. He went on to wear it on the cover of his album and to The Grammys and Hollywood events to promote The College Dropout.

The two initially had plans to come out with a stuffed animal line, but the idea eventually faded away and Arginsky kept the bear suit. Arginksy followed up his work with West after assignments with Phat Farm and companies associated with DMX and JAY-Z. 

Arginsky has had the bear for more than 15 years now; he wants to sell the costume for $1 million to someone who will take care of it. 

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