Common Is “So Pleased” With NBA Teams Doing Away With The Term “Owner”

As previously reported, NBA star Draymond Green’s remarks on the term “owner” from a 2018 episode of LeBron James’s HBO show ‘The Shop’, has set in motion a wave of teams voluntarily replacing their term with “governor” or “managing partner” already. And Hip Hop artist, poet and activist Common is elated to see the progress in action.

Common was asked about his thoughts regarding the controversy surrounding the term in the NBA and the reports of the NBA seeking to discontinue the word “owner” and replacing it with titles such as “governor” or “managing partner.”

The rapper told the TMZ reporter, “I’m so pleased. The term owner used to strike me in a…it didn’t sit right with me. The history of what we have and who we are as black people in this country, to be on and to be apart of an organization, and the CEO of that organization to be called an owner…it’s just not really being considerate of the history.”

He continued, “Nobody owns us. These men are professionals.”

How do you feel about the change in terminology within the NBA? Do you agree with Draymond Green?

Common talks Erykah badu
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