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I am not going to bore you guys with the stories of how our new arrival was giving me sleepless nights or even how the baby almost drove us apart. All I’d had in my head for the 9 months of my pregnancy was the fairytale vision of motherhood. A word of warning to any young women trying to get pregnant…please be sure that this is what you want because I sure as hell was not ready for it! I’m glad that I’d enjoyed the majority of my twenties without the stress of a child because I am sure that a baby that needed constant attention would have killed me if I’d had it very young. But I still love her to pieces and everybody kept telling me that this was the most important thing.

Anyway moving on from that, Dalvin and I didn’t have sex again until Rosa was about three months old. The doctor said that we could have been back in action as soon as eight weeks after childbirth, but I just felt too exhausted each night to be in the mood. It was only when I finally thought about sex again that I realised how much time had passed. I felt really bad for Dalvin since he hadn’t gotten any since the little jump-off escapade that I’d arranged for him last. We decided against any further encounters with club groupies since he confessed to me that he could have held out for me. Apparently the experience in the hotel room with that other chick was cheap in comparison to the time that we spent together. I was walking on cloud nine when I heard him say that, but at the same time watching him bang another chick had been a major turn on for me.

One beautiful weekend, Dalvin had arranged to have his mother look after the baby while he took me away to a getaway retreat in the Florida Keys. The place was couples only and at that point I wasn’t aware that it was a favourite with swingers. I’d actually forgotten that he liked that sort of thing and was surprised to say the least when we started to get admiring looks from the other couples. On the second night of our stay, Dalvin announced that we were to attend a midnight ball. At that point I realised that I didn’t actually realise how much of a freak my husband was until then. He casually explained to me what was about to go down as he got dressed for the occasion.
‘Maria…have you figured out what this place specializes in yet?’
‘I have an idea, but I want you to tell me’
‘Okay I hope you won’t be too shocked honey. This is a swingers resort…I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you prior but I didn’t want you to get freaked out and not come with me. The ball tonight is basically a giant orgy, but we don’t have to go if you ain’t feelin it. We can stay in our suite and just be with each other instead…this is just something that I’ve always wanted to do…’
‘But honey why do you wanna do it? Why do you feel like you have to share me with other men…I don’t understand it sweetie. I love you and I wanna please you, you know that. I just didn’t know that you feel this strongly about it’

Dalvin sat down on the edge of the majestic four poster bed that took up most of the room and sighed deeply before giving me an answer.

‘Baby I don’t know why…it’s just been with me since I was coming up as a teen and sh*t. No woman has ever given me the urge to act it out though before I met you. I don’t have to pretend with you Maria…I don’t have to check all the boxes with you baby. You let me be me…I wanna experience this with you and I would love it if you try it just once’
‘Are you really sure that you want this? I mean watching your friend f*ck me one time is one thing, but this is a whole different ball game. Do you wanna think about it?’
‘No I’m sure that I wanna do it. We can just go there and have a look at what’s going on. If you’re feeling it then you give me the go ahead. If not then we can just turn back…’

I thought about it for a second and my heart and mind said what the hell…one time wouldn’t hurt would it?

‘Okay baby…let’s go’

When we arrived at the ball, things seemed to be in full swing. There were day beds scattered around the room with couples already sprawled out across them. Candlelight lit the room softly and I could literally smell the sex in the room. Some people still hadn’t taken the plunge to have full sex yet and were slow dancing in dark corners. The place oozed sensuality and eroticism. Dalvin pointed out that there were some private rooms upstairs if I didn’t want to get it on in front of everyone. I nodded in agreement and we made our way upstairs in the dim light. I’d started to feel very sexy indeed but so far I hadn’t seen anyone that aroused me in the slightest.
All that changed when we made it to the first floor landing. The rooms didn’t have doors but they had sheer curtains so that you could just make out what was going on inside. A black couple were in a room making some of the most gratifying noises that I’d ever heard in my life. The beautiful female was just about reaching her climax and the ecstasy in her voice was making me every wet. Dalvin and I stood by the door and he reached his hands around me then began to massage my nipples through my white cotton dress. He then kissed my neck softly but still kept his eyes on what the couple were doing; I could feel that his d*ck was rock hard on my butt. I wanted to get f*cked sometime soon and didn’t mind if it was my husband or the man in the room that did it. Suddenly and almost as if he had read my mind, the man looked up at me and we made eye contact. He laughed a little and f*cked his lady a little harder just because he knew that I was watching. It made me squirm a little, but that feeling didn’t last as his female companion gestured us to come inside the room.
I turned to look at Dalvin and he shrugged. We gingerly walked in and the game was on.

The chocolate skinned gentleman pulled my hand down to his d*ck; it was hard and wet from f*cking pussy. I think that he wanted me to know that he was ready for action. From the corner of my eye I could see the woman taking my husband’s pants off and slipping his already hard steel into her mouth…when I saw him throw his head back with pleasure I found my encouragement to move things along.

My current partner began to slip my flimsy dress off and in an instant I was naked. He played with my nipples as Dalvin had done just moments before and then bent down to suck on them. As I was still a breastfeeding mother a little milk leaked on to his lips and he seemed to get off on it. My p*ssy was aching for some d*ck by now so I put a firm grip on his meat and lay on my back and spread my legs. He slipped on a condom and edged his way into me. Even though he wasn’t as big as my husband, I could feel his stroke filling me up inside. I could hear Dalvin and the lady getting really loud as I was being f*cked from behind roughly like a whore. The way that I felt took me back to my wild days when I was married to Bernard. I wanted both men to pleasure me and was determined for that to happen before the end of that session.

After we’d done the one on one thing for a minute, the lady came over to me and we started to French kiss desperately which delighted both men. I fingered her p*ssy and clit and she returned the favour while we continued to kiss. Chocolate brother couldn’t take it any longer and broke us up. He made her get on all fours while he f*cked her anus doggie style; she then gestured for Dalvin to put his c*ck in her dirty mouth. Not to be outdone, I slid underneath her and finger f*cked her until she came all over my hands. I must admit that I was quite jealous of her climax. She was hollering and moaning uncontrollably.

After she’d settled down a bit, I became the center of attention and got 3 pairs of hands and 3 tongues exploring my body. Dalvin was giving me an enthusiastic p*ssy licking whilst Chocolate and his lady took each one of my breasts which drove me crazy. The men swapped places and by the time they’d both finished with me I’d come so much that my body was numb with pleasure. We kept on at if for what seemed like an age and the scene eventually looked like a tangle of bodies that had no end and no beginning. By the end of it, Chocolate was bouncing me up and down on his d*ck reverse cowgirl and rubbing on my cl*t the same time. Dalvin was f*cking his partner up against the wall. I was finished off with a stream of come all over my body.

Thankfully the organizers of the event had been thoughtful enough to leave wet wipes in the room and some tissues. We all cleaned up and said our goodbyes, then Dalvin and I walked back to out hotel suite. We walked in silence and I was still trying to take in the enormity of what had just happened. Dalvin had just introduced me to the swinging scene and I actually liked it. I wanted more and my husband had given me a free reign to be f*cked by other men…just as long as he could watch.
Once we got back inside we took a shower together and I gently scrubbed his body down and when I was done he returned the gesture. Once we were both clean, Dalvin leaned me against the tiles and began to kiss me passionately…his kisses made me cry because I could feel how much he loved me so.

‘Dalvin…what are we doing with this? Where are you taking me…are you sure that you’re okay with what just happened?’ I asked
‘Yes I’m okay with it…I loved it. We had fun and I love you even more for doing this with me. Like I said we don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to…but I know that you seemed to like what went on’ he replied
‘Yeah I guess I did like it…but not more that making love with you’
‘It’s okay I know. You don’t need to reassure me. So tomorrow is our last night here…do you wanna do this again before we leave?’
‘No, we did it and I liked it but I want you to myself from now on. Maybe next time…’
‘So you would consider doing this again?’
‘Who knows…I’ll do almost anything for you baby. Almost anything’

Dalvin sealed my declaration with a kiss and carried me dripping wet to bed. We couldn’t sleep without sharing each other’s bodies once again and then drifted off intertwined in each other’s arms. Life was good.

‘The married groupie’

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