CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIED GROUPIE PART 30: We understand each other…the finale!

As whispered to Lady Lynxx in the Boudoir…

Things were coming to a head with Tyrell and La Princia, the happy couple were making all the necessary arrangements for their upcoming nuptials and before long Dalvin and I were summoned back to our old state for outfit fittings and rehearsals.

It was nice to be back home and see all the places that we had left behind. We were to stay for about four days so we brought Rosa along with us and she seemed to be enjoying seeing new things. No one had ever told me just how much attention a child needed on a daily basis! I love my lil Rosie to death but sometimes just keeping her amused left me exhausted by her bed time at 6pm every night. The bottom line is though, that I would never change being a mother for the world. As soon as that little bundle of joy is born, there is an almost scary sense of protectiveness that a mother feels towards her offspring. I’m sure that fathers probably get the same feeling too, but in my case I would die for my child without question.

So we had a nice trip and once we arrived at La Princia and Tyrell’s place we were given as expected, a very warm welcome. It was great to see my girl in the flesh again and hug her like old times rather than make do with the telephone and our occasional webcam chats. Tyrell was looking like a picture of health and from what I could tell, the happiness that he felt showed on his face.

We got to talking about all the details of how she wanted things to go and went through a few sketches of the bridesmaid’s outfits and finally what I was going to wear. Just so they wouldn’t get bored, we decided to send the boys out for some male bonding and bowling. I hadn’t lost all of the baby weight around my tummy, so I was a little apprehensive of wearing something too tight fitting. La Princia showed me a few ensembles and we eventually opted for a soft peach empire line dress that showed off my ripe bust line but fanned out to cover any unsightly lumps and bumps I may have been worried about. It was about mid-calf length and had sexy thin straps that would compliment my shoulders. After that, La Princia tried on her bridal gown for me and I can’t describe how breathtakingly beautiful she looked in it. It wasn’t at all flouncy or fussy; it was just a plain floor length white dress with some pretty restrained lace trim. It was however the pure and unadulterated radiance in her face that set off the whole outfit. I guess she’d chosen the right man.

After getting over all the wedding stuff, we went out to lunch and did a little shopping just like old times, the only difference being that we had an eight month old baby to carry as well. Rosa was thoroughly enjoying being spoiled by her auntie La Princia who was carrying her around like she was her own baby.

We had fun and got lots of cute things for Rosa before coming home early in the evening. To our surprise, the guys were already home and I could smell dinner was cooking; I knew that it must have been Tyrell’s idea because Dalvin usually never set foot in the kitchen. Sure enough Tyrell was by the stove and my hubby was sitting down at the dining table nursing a cold beer in his hand. I gave him a quick kiss and ran upstairs to give Rosa a bath and put her to bed; La Princia kept me company and we made small talk about how living in Tyrell’s house was going so far.

‘So what gives La Princia…I know you told me that he cooks, but I didn’t know that he COOKS! I’m impressed girlfriend…’ I said vibrantly
‘Maria I know…I’m impressed too. It’s like he’s trying so hard to keep me happy and I love it. The thing is I don’t really ask for much at all…I mean compared to Douglas Tyrell is an angel’
‘Sweetie, almost any man compared to Douglas is an angel. But on some realtalk, I didn’t wanna ask you this earlier but you were so taken with Rosa while we were out so I didn’t want to spoil it. Are you completely happy with him? No cold feet and no second thoughts?’
‘Maria how did I know that you would ask me that? I knew it would come at some point or it wouldn’t be you! I appreciate how you’re protective over me…but I promise you this time, I’m not just marrying him because he asked. I really do think we are mutually in love…sometimes I even think he loves me more than I do him. Tyrell always tells me that he finds me intoxicating, almost like a drug…’
‘Well can’t do better than that!’
‘But when he talks like that, I can’t compete with it and I don’t know how to express myself equally that way. I usually show him how I feel about him instead…’
‘Okay what about the sex? Don’t be shy now…we’s grown married ladies! Ha ha…well you’re almost married’ I teased
‘You freak, you wanna hear about the nasty stuff? In front of lil Rosa?’
‘She is eight months old Princia…she is not gonna remember…stop stalling and go on. You can’t have a good married life without good sex; trust me I’m an expert on this’
‘Aight I hear ya! Okay well I have no complaints…he works me like a full time job, for real…I thought that multiple orgasms were a myth until I met Tyrell. They used to say that white men can’t jump, but I can assure you that white men can f*ck!’
‘Ooh chile! He dun turned you into a freak….’
‘I’ll be a freak for my husband all day errday!’
‘Preach! Church!’

We descended into fits of giggles and Rosa started to laugh too, but she was only copying what was in front of her. Satisfied that she was completely happy, I stopped probing her about her relationship with Tyrell and we put Rosa to bed.
Dinner was delicious and well received by everyone at the table. After that we watched TV for a while, then tiredness soon overcame us all and we went to crash. The guest bedroom was nicely furnished and I fell asleep pretty quickly on the comfortable bed.

I wasn’t quite sure what time it was when I woke up, but I could feel the darkness. I was blindfolded and being held down to the bed; my heart told me that Dalvin was up to his old tricks again. I felt a kiss on my cheek and his breath on my face…but when I inhaled it didn’t smell like my husband. I listened out and I could hear La Princia moaning loudly in the next room. From the sounds of it she was getting fu*ked quite hard and was loving it.

‘Dalvin…’ I whispered ‘is that you’
‘Shh….’ he answered ‘now you can hear your friend having her fun…just relax and let me service you. We gentlemen made an arrangement when you sent us out today so don’t worry about explaining this to your husband’
‘I said shh…just enjoy this’

He kissed me again, but this time I instinctively stiffened my lips to stop him entering them.

‘Don’t fight me…I know that you want it too’ he said softly
‘But…but…you’re my girl’s fiancée. I don’t know if I can do this Tyrell’
‘Listen…can you hear her? Do you think she’s thinking about you at this moment or Dalvin’s co*k up her p*ssy?’

I paused a little before answering. I guess he had a point…in the end my body did the talking for me. I stuck my tongue out of my mouth seductively and he sucked it with his surprisingly soft lips. After that he licked up my neck then sniffed the skin between my armpit and my breast. I was still blindfolded which heightened my level of arousal greatly; I ran my fingers through his soft hair and dug my nails into his back like a cat. Tyrell responded by parting my legs gently and making tiny circles on my cl*t with this index finger…I could feel my pussy swell up in anticipation for his cock.

Once he was satisfied that I was close to an orgasm, he slid downwards and started to pull on my pus*y lips one by one yet still keeping up the cl*t circles. The pressure was increased in tiny increments until I was begging him to go faster so that I could come quicker; he slowed down the pace mercilessly as I tired to rub my p*ssy on his face to relieve my hunger. Tyrell clamed my thighs down so that I couldn’t move and then switched his finger to his tongue on my cl*t and used his thick fingers to f*ck me instead. He found my g-spot and began to jerk it ever so softly; then just when I got into the comfort zone, he upped the speed and pressed harder. The next thing I knew, I was coming…but not like my usual frenzied and intense climaxes. This one was more like a slow burning release…I could feel the liquid flow out of me and onto his face while I gasped for air. The pleasure was almost suffocating and when Tyrell took his cue to enter my p*ssy I almost f*ckin’ fainted. His d*ck wasn’t as big as Dalvin’s but it was about eight inches, which was more than enough to do the job. After a few strokes, he spoke to me between breaths;

‘Maria…oh God Maria…your p*ssy feels so damn good baby. No wonder Dalvin can’t keep it to himself. It’s like rubbing my c*ck in silk…sh*t! I don’t know how long I can hold on…’
‘Oh you like my p*ssy white boy? I know you like it…and I’m gonna milk your d*ck to show you how good this p*ssy is’

I began to pulse my snatch over his d*ck; it must have been his lucky day because I’d been doing my kegels like a fiend of late to try and get back to my pre-baby tightness. From the way that he was moaning it seemed that my hard work had paid off.
Tyrell was about to blow so he quickly put me on top to ease the pressure off himself; I was in my element though because being on top meant that I was in control of the strokes. I threw my blindfold off and loved the look in his eyes when I saw them. He was basking in ecstasy and lust; I was about to drive him wild with my stroke when he suddenly began to hit my p*ssy from underneath me. I leaned forward on him to catch myself when he pulled me down to his level and sucked my nipple hard while ramming me like a hammer. He coughed a little from swallowing a little milk and I felt bad.

‘Sorry, I’m still nursing…so my t*ts are a bit of a hazard at the moment’ I said jokingly
‘Are you kidding? That is hot! The milk down my throat turned me on…why do you think men love sucking t*tties…Gadd damn are you a good f*ck’ he replied

I pushed my breasts into his face to tease him after that and he seemed to love being almost suffocated. That seemed to push him over the edge and soon after that he pulled the condom off and sprayed his spunk all over my chest. I looked at it for a minute because I couldn’t believe that so much semen just came out of his d*ck. It was quite a lot more that I was used to, but the sight of it made my p*ssy do a backflip.

I was suddenly aware of a giggle by the bedroom door; Dalvin and La Princia had been watching part of the show like a pair of peeping Toms. Tyrell walked up to her and planted a wet kiss on her lips which La Princia reciprocated with relish.

‘Did you enjoy yourself honey?’ he asked her tenderly
‘Baby…I know you heard me in there. You may have competition’ she replied in a sluttish voice.
‘Really? Well I can’t let you sleep yet before I regain my title’
Tyrell smacked her ass and they shuffled out of the room with lips still locked.

My mouth in contrast was wide open. I was watching all this dumbfounded; La Princia was turning out to be more of a freak than I was! Dalvin laughed at me and walked over to me on the bed with his long d*ck swinging.

‘What’s wrong baby….cat got your tongue?’ he asked
‘I would have never had her down as a freak that’s all. I’m surprised that Rosa slept thru all that as well. Wow…I can’t rationalize what just happened now at all’
‘But did you enjoy him?’
‘I guess…yeah…he is a good lover. I’ll stamp him any day for La Princia. How about you…did you?’
‘Yes baby. Are you okay with that?’
‘You love me don’t you?’
‘That shouldn’t even be a question at this point…’
‘Then I’m fine with it…but you’re getting into a habit of not telling me though. Can I at least be prepared next time baby?’
‘Okay fine…next time we stay with these two it will be a foursome. Warning enough?’
‘You boys really planned this huh? I should have known…’
‘You know what Maria…Tyrell and I just clicked today more than ever before. It was like we both knew what the other was gonna suggest. We almost said it at the same time and once it was on the table…we just had to do it’
‘Dalvin what am I gonna do with you?’
‘But I know that you like it and you want it even without speaking to me…and I’m secure enough to be able to share you. Sometimes, I love you so much that it hurts Maria…do you know what that feels like?’
‘Yes Dalvin. The way that I feel right now…I love you too…’


La Princia and Tyrell’s wedding was perfect. I was happy for them because I knew that they were made for each other the very same way that Dalvin and I were made for each other. Their love for each other only inspired me to love my own husband even more and be the best wife to him that I could be…the story doesn’t end here, but I’ve said enough for now. Take my stories and please by all means use them to enrich your own lives; I’ve been on the earth long enough to know that our time here is short and we waste too much time on things that never mattered in the first place.
My story was a journey of discovery, pain and loss before eventually finding the one that had the master key to my heart. To all that have taken the time to read the entire episode…I wish you love, happiness and the master key.

Because when it’s all said and done…we all want the same thing. To be loved.

‘The married groupie’

Okay time for Lady Lynxx’s own confession:

Maria is for the most part a real person, but not all of the stories I wrote attributed to her were true. I can’t say which because I am protecting an identity and that would reveal too much about her life. As a writer does, I embellished some parts of the series for entertainment value, but there are some parts that did actually happen. Some things are best left to the imagination and I sincerely hope that reading every Friday helped to ignite your own. For the record I am not Maria or La Princia. I am just a good listener who just happens to have the ability to re-tell what I heard in a way that arouses the senses. Oh and you better get some tonight or I haven’t done my job! Peace!

Look out for the book coming soon with extra chapters! It will have the much anticipated foursome in there so don’t you dare miss it!


*Please note: names and personal details have been changed to protect identities!*

© Lady Lynxx 2008, 2009

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