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Confidence is Everything By: @Milagreee

So I was watching MTV the other day and they had a reality tv show based on pretty women and how hard it actually is to be pretty. At first I kind of laughed, but then I did some research out of pure curiosity. There are blogs upon blogs speaking on the struggle of pretty girls. When I realized that even men have agreed that it is difficult to be beautiful, it because a topic that I wanted to divulge in deeper.

Now, lets be completely honest, when you are pretty, there are certain advantages that you have over someone who might not be as fortunate in the looks department. You might get certain perks, you might get a job before someone else, you never have to pay for a drink, you might get a complimentary Bellini at a restaurant.

They gave the idea that friendships are hard to have, some insecure women don’t want to go out with the girl that gets more attention than her. I have read that when a woman walks into the room, she sizes everyone around her and decides where she stands in the caliber of the looks department, depending on just how insecure she is. Women seem to measure each other by how the other one looks as opposed to anything else this woman might have.

Some men wont even bother asking out a beautiful girl because she seems to be “out of his league.” ultimately it should be the woman’s decision who is in her league or not. But insecure men will decide that they cant date a girl that is too good looking because that will cause way too much stress in their life. They will decide that dating this girl would be a headache and a half because now they have to watch her every move.

This topic speaks on the difference between genders mostly. Men compare themselves by different things than women do. I have had friends walk into clubs, look around and say we’re the prettiest people in here. Does that speak on insecurities? Or does that speak on a woman’s need to feel more desired and attractive than the rest?

I believe the whole idea behind a woman saying it’s harder to be pretty because she is being envied by others is not the real cause of the problem. I believe the real cause of the problem is the lack of confidence some women do possess. If you are confident in yourself, then you have no problem hanging out with anyone, ugly, fat, beautiful, model, it doesn’t matter because you know who you are. Like Zoe Saldana once said “ Look at me, im skinny, I have a big nose, no t*ts, and no ass, but in a room full of beautiful women, I would still leave with the most gorgeous guy” She isnt bragging about her looks. She knows her self worth.

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