Cubs Fan Knocked Out Cold For Taunting Indians Fan

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While the Cleveland Indians may have lost the World Series, one Chicago Cubs fan may have taken the biggest loss of the night.


36-year old Alan Anderson was knocked out cold by an Indians fan, right outside the Progressive Field stadium in Cleveland.


As both were leaving the stadium, Anderson allegedly began taunting an Indians fan who was wearing a “Cleveland Against the World” shirt. “You guys just blew a 3-1 lead, f–k you,” he was reported as saying


The two began arguing outside of the stadium. After the unidentified Indians fan challenged him to a fight, Anderson apparently said: “Hit me now, I dare you,” and that’s when the fan rendered the right hook that left Anderson knocked out cold for roughly 12 minutes.  Anderson was taken to the hospital where he is said to be in stable condition. He did suffer a cut on the mouth and a head injury, however.


When police questioned him, he explained that he had been in an argument that got physical. He told police he did not want to file charges. He even refused medical treatment initially.

TMZ reached out to Anderson to inquire about the altercation. In the spirit of the Cubs, Anderson said, “I survived an assault just like my Cubs survived being down 3-1.”


Check out the video for yourself. Was the Indians fan wrong?


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