D.C. Homicide Detective Is Shot Dead By Wife In Murder-Suicide

Social media is often deceiving, and that is just what it was in regards to the murder-suicide of Det. Timothy Eugene Francis and his wife, Christina Lynn Francis.

Timothy and Christina were seemingly a happy couple according to Christina’s most recent Facebook post remembering the best day of her life — their wedding day.

“This day meant everything to me,” the post read. “I love you and what we had together. You and I belong together always,”  some of it continued to say.

But, less than 12 hours later, Christia, 41, took a handgun, shot her husband dead, and then shot herself.

Authorities were dispatched to the Francis residence after a family member discovered their bodies inside the home.

The motive and reason to kill remain unclear and the police department is not releasing any information regarding the incident.

The same day Christina posted to Facebook remembering her wedding, she also shared a picture of her kids. Describing them as “her pride and joy.”

Both posts had an outpouring of heartfelt messages and condolences attached.

Husband, Timothy Eugene Francis, was a homicide detective for the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia who spent “two decades protecting the community from violence,” MPD Chief Peter Newsham said in a statement. “And to learn that he was the victim of a homicide is heartbreaking.”

He is remembered as one of the best detectives in CID.


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