Dame Dash Says He Was Only In R. Kelly’s ‘Fiesta’ Video Because Aaliyah Asked Him To

Dame Dash is adamant about not being involved in any way with R.Kelly and in his continued effort to prove his case, he addressed the reason behind his appearance in Kelly’s ‘Fiesta’ music video and said it was all for Aaliyah.

After the #RocAFella co-founder told #NickCannon that he wanted nothing to do with #JayZ and Kelly’s joint album ‘Best of Both Worlds’, #MemphisBleek added his two cents on his podcast and stated, “You gonna really say, you wasn’t there with n**gas? You was opposed to it? You fucking lying.”

In response to Bleek, Dame told Hip Hop Motivators’ Kenyatta Griggs, “I didn’t go to a show. I didn’t have my name on any of that. I was in ‘Fiesta,’ but only because #Aaliyah said she wanted me to do it exactly that way.”

It seems like Dame has a reason for every accusation or rumor thrown at him. His name is Bennett and he ain’t trying to be in it.

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