5 Days Before Christmas I Found A Gift My Boyfriend’s Ex Gave Him

The holidays are supposed to be the most joyous times of the year. You are to spend those moments with loved ones without any madness occurring. But what happens when you begin to do a little cleaning for the holidays and come across a few items that have been taped up in a box and stashed on top of the closet. The box belongs to your significant other and you aren’t familiar with the pieces. Do you ask them about it? Or continue to proceed like you never saw it before?

As women, it’s in our nature to ask questions regardless of the answers we may get, especially if they’re the ones we don’t want to hear.

Well, bae has come home from work and you have decided to open the box and came across a few cards from his ex – jewelry, a teddy bear, and other pieces that could still hold some sentimental value. You decide to pull these items out and ask him about it. He tells you that they were from his ex of five-plus years. You proceed to ask, “Why are you keeping items from your ex? Do you still have some type of feelings towards her?”

Of course, you want to know why he has kept these items and not to mention in the home you two share. There are certain items you just don’t keep that came from an ex. Those items consist of special occasion cards, bears, letters, or jewelry with initials or names on them. Those need to vacate the premises, immediately.

There’s no need to keep something from your past that will cause you to reflect from time to time. If you are trying to move forward with your new bae, let them know your honest thoughts and how it makes you feel.

The gifts shouldn’t have been in the home but now the two of you can make that decision together. Discuss it and move along. Once you have come to an agreement, let it go and continue perfecting your relationship.

What would you do if you have come across gifts, letters, etc. from your significant other’s ex?

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