Dear Chris Brown…

Dear Chris Brown,

You are really getting on my nerves. I usually keep my mouth closed when it comes to certain things. But you keep tryin my patience. I’ve wanted to get in your ass for a minute now but I refrained. I told myself that if you complain about fuckery one more time, Imma get in that ass. Low and behold, you bitching and crying again. Did you really have to say this fuckery…

You really think that shit is gonna help?!?! Rather than calling and begging for help and acting like a pussy, how bout you take another route? See Chris, you fail to realize that you really did some fucked up shit.
You did this…

You think we forgot!!! Now, yes, you may have been forgiven. But your ass was not that great to get a fucking pass!! Michael Jackson got heat. And you’re not even close to being MJ although you may think you are. America is forgiving. But only if you do some shit to make us forget your fucked up bullshit!! After all that happened, you had a chance to go back into the studio and produce something great. But nooooo!!
You produced this bullshit…


This think that shit was a hit!! Gtfoh! Then you release this bullshit….


Do you really think that shit was gonna be a certified banger!?!? News flash Einstein!…the shit was wack. You’re mad cause radio stations aren’t playing your shit. You want fans to request your bullshit. Radio stations aren’t playing your shit cause its fucking wack!!! It’s not because we don’t like you. It’s because there is BETTER shit that we wanna listen too!!!

FYI: This is not baller behavior!! Man the fuck up and stop whining! You are not a child. You are not a little boy. Man up and take the heat! You can’t just simply say sorry and we look past the shit. You beat a woman’s ass!! You didn’t just push her or smack her upside the head, you beat her ass!! You are a punk and a bitch for that. If you want somewhat of a fan base back, how bout you shut the fuck up and go back into the studio!!! Make a GREAT album. Not just some good shit. Make a fucking CLASSIC. Then maybe your fucking records will get played. And maybe we’ll show you some love. So until you do so, I don’t wanna hear shit else from you!

Lastly, take note from other ballers that did dumb shit. Look at Kobe. He redeemed himself. Kobe balled outta control and let his job speak for himself. Yes, we were still on Kobe’s ass after his situation. But YEARS later, it’s like..rape? What rape? Oh yeah, that. His performance has now outshined his fuckery. So you do the same Chris. Make a CLASSIC album so it can outshine your fuckery. Until then, don’t expect people to support you and your bullshit. Shut the fuck up and go sing in the damn studio!! Peace!

Disclaimer: Please understand that these are the views of Official Groupie and not Balleralert! Yes I said it and I don’t give a fuck!!!!!!! What you gonna do Chris? Hit me? I wish a nigga would! Anyways, to the readers that don’t like my comments, don’t come on here saying dumb shit. This is the truth. To Chris, you need me in your life. I’m not a yes person and will give it to you gutter. I’m not gonna sugar coat shit. Man up, shut up, produce a CLASSIC album, and you’ll get airplay and a solid fan base. To all his supporters, support him by telling him the truth and keeping it real!

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