Deion Sanders’ Jumpoff Says The Most They Did Was Hug

Bossip scored the first ever interview with Aleea Stanton, the 19 year old girl rumored to be getting it on with Deion Sanders while he was very much still married to his wife Pilar. Even though she put Primetime on blast by sending screenshots to blogs, etc. Stanton’s mother says her daughter was taken advantage of.  Read below for the highlights. I’ll be interjecting where I see fit so if it’s in parenthesis, it’s ME.


On How She Met Deion Sanders

According to Aleea she met Deion in the summer of 2011 when she was contacted by his friend over Twitter DM.


“I got a DM on Twitter from a guy saying, ‘Hey I’ve got a friend that wants to meet you.’. I said, ‘Ok, cool who is it? He says ‘Deion Sanders.’, and I said ‘Who???’”


Aleea says that since she was born in 1992, Deion retired from baseball in 2001, and was in the struggle part of his football career in 2002, she had to Google Mr. “Prime Time” to find out who he was.



(Now something in the milk ain’t clean. You haven’t exactly said you didn’t want us to assume you weren’t a “groupie” but you are following and conversing with Pacman. So you keep a Baller or two around. Can mother really vouche for her daughter’s innocence? ) – Eleven8



On How Deion Approached Her

We are told that Deion’s initial conversations with Aleea weren’t romantic at all. According to Aleea, Deion approached the then 19-year-old with intentions of being a “mentor” to her, and introducing her to important people that could help her…


“He told me that he could put me in meetings, and have me in the room with people that make things happen. For the record, me and him never did anything. The most I ever did with that man is hug…”



(But wait…)Eleven8

(Anyone who knows me knows that I truly believe that if a man flies you out, he believes he’s getting the panties. Period. He did not fly you out to put you in meetings with big wigs. And if he did, how did THIS **see pics below** happen? PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE DATES) – Eleven8


(and if the most you did was hug, how did all THIS happen?) – Eleven8

(That’s some kinda hug!) – Eleven8


On If She Knew Deion Was Married

“I never knew he was married, and he definitely never mentioned anything about a wife or a family. But at the same time, I didn’t feel the need to ask because we weren’t dating or anything, he said he wanted to help me.”

Bossip: Have you had any contact with Pilar since the news of your relationship broke?

Aleea: No, Pilar and I have not spoken. I gave her my number directly (over Twitter), but she hasn’t called. But really their problems have nothing to do with me, I’m more than glad to answer any questions she might have if she wants to know something. But other than that there is nothing to talk about.

(But what about this, Angelina) – Eleven8

 On When She Realized Deion Wanted To Do More Than “Help”

Aleea: He asked me to send him some pictures. He said “If people are going to do any business with you then they are going to want to see that you are presentable etc.”. So I sent him a few regular pics, and after he saw them he asked for some that were a little bit sexier.” I never sent him any nekkid pics, but a variety of pics that showed all my sides.”

Bossip: Did Deion ever fly you out to meet up with him? Did you all ever sleep together?

Aleea: Yes, he flew me out to meet him a couple times, but we always had separate rooms, but it felt like he had done this before. Like he and his assistant had a system.



(Separate Rooms Or Not, He Asked You To Bring Something Sexy To Sleep In. Warning Sign Should Have Went Off. ) Eleven8


So now that we’ve read the interview, what do we think? My personal opinion is this: I’m not Team Pilar OR Team Deion. Both those mofos are crazy and I choose to report on both of them equally. With that said, I don’t particularly dislike this girl Aleea because she’s smart. She’s keeping her name out there. She’s not Chipotle girl. At least she didn’t expose herself while trying to expose him. Kudos to her!

Now, I think the innocent act is stupid considering she put Deion on blast a long time ago but it’s too late to say all you did was hug when you’re sending MTO pics of you and Deion in bed. When you sent those pics it was to put him on blast. WHY PUT HIM ON BLAST if you never wanted anything from it? Did you get the “meetings” he promised you? What do you even do? I have so many questions and I feel they went unanswered in this interview. I feel putting Deion on blast ended up being pointless for her though. Besides fueling a fire for Pilar it did nothing. I think if I could ask her one question I would ask her WHY she put those pics out and what she expected to happen.

I refuse to believe that she didn’t know Deion wanted them cakes though. He made it all too obvious and her being 19 is no excuse to pretend to be naive. Girls like this have GOT to join BA before its too late.

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