Denver Broncos’ Phillip Lindsay Says He’s Finally Moving Out His Parents’ House: “I Played It Smart”

Denver Broncos star #PhillipLindsay says he’s finally ready to move out of his parents’ home.

There’s nothing wrong with living at home with your parents and Lindsay says he “played it smart” by doing so. The 25-year-old running has been living with his parents since he joined the Broncos as an undrafted free agent in 2018, according to KCNC.

But during an appearance on Ian Rapoport’s podcast this week, Lindsay announced that he’s finally getting ready to leave the nest. “Yeah, I am,” Lindsay said after he was asked if he was ready to say bye to his parental roommates. “It’s about time for me to move out and I think that I played it smart.” ESPN reports Lindsay stayed in his parents’ Denver-area home, which helped him save the bulk of his salary.

According to the outlet, Lindsay earned a base salary of $570,000.

“I was able to save some money for me to be able to get a place and also help myself out after getting a place,” he said on the podcast. “I just think it was the right choice to do right now. I definitely am going to move out and be an adult now.”

But it wasn’t just the coins he was saving that made him want to home longer, it was also the quality time with his parents that made home a cozier option. “I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to be around my father and my mother to keep my head straight,” he said. “Everybody needs somebody to talk to. Everybody needs somebody to laugh with, cry with, complain with — that’s human nature.”

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