Florida Democrats Call On DeSantis To Rescind Job Offer to COVID-19 Conspiracy Theorist Kyle Lamb

According to the Miami Herald, 10 of Florida’s 13 Democratic members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to Governor Ron DeSantis demanding that he remove conspiracy theorist Kyle Lamb from his position as a data analyst in the governor’s office.

“We write to express our grave concerns with your decision to hire Kyle Lamb as a data analyst at the Florida State Office of Policy and Budget (OPB) and the implications of your decision on the health and safety of Florida’s residents as the COVID-19 pandemic continues,” the letter states. “Given that Lamb is an unqualified conspiracy theorist, his role as a member of your COVID-19 response staff is inexplicable and grossly irresponsible, we call on you to immediately remove Lamb from this critical role.”

The letter sent on Thursday also accused the governor of playing politics when it comes to the novel coronavirus by offering Lamb–who is an Ohio sports blogger that has spread coronavirus conspiracy theories via the internet—a job.
Lamb has supported his theories by unproven science espoused by DeSantis and Donald Trump, sadly, at a time when the pandemic is “rapidly growing worse in Florida and nationally.”

Lamb, 40, was offered the entry-level position as a data analyst regardless of the fact that he lacked in experience and history of bucking established science on COVID-19. The governor’s office supported their decision by saying the position isn’t based on COVID-19 “exclusively.”

Strangely, Lamb is a sportswriter for various blogs and has spent several years writing for Ohio State University’s sports division. Overtime his popularity has increased on the social media site Twitter mainly due to his conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. He has shared his beliefs on masks, saying they do not prevent the spread and has called the pandemic a possible “biowar.”

His attorney Scott Essad has defended him by calling the Democrats “a bunch of goofs,” the newspaper reported.
“I think it’s sad that a bunch of politicians — given that THEY all do pretty well for themselves financially — would take it upon themselves to try to strip a low-level, entry position guy of his employment for saying the same sorts of things on Twitter that a substantial portion of the country has also said in the past eight months,” Essad wrote in an email. “They’re using him to make political hay, as politicians always do.”

It is unknown when Lamb will start the job that pays $40,000 a year.

But others find the mockery of Lamb’s newfound position, some public health experts and other sports bloggers find it “laughable” while also calling him a “crockpot” who is “unhinged.” And it doesn’t stop there, some have considered him an “amateur, basement epidemiologist.”

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