Deshawn Stevenson vs. Love Night Club

Ok, so I have to vent because I think DC played the Wizards. So one of my
girls was out and about last week and told me that Taz was partying with
Lebron during the playoffs like they are buddies. Why would they let Lebron
host a party during the playoffs? Well, Lebron called his daddy Jay-Z and
got him to do a diss song regarding the Wizards singling out DeShawn. My
girls sees Taz hovering over DJ Analyze at Love Night Club to play that
Jay-Z diss song while the Wizards was partying in LOVE. Then he handed Damon
Jones the microphone while he continued to diss the Wizards in his own

Then they play that bamma ass record that was dogging the Wizards more than
once while Taz danced. I don¹t know if Taz is from here but this is where he
eats and that shit is not cool. Lebron comes to DC about twice and year but
you are going to diss the Wizards that come to your spot all the time?

Can someone please tell me why he would do that? The reason why I’m really
mad is because none of my Wizards are gonna go to Love anymore and that’s
the only reason I go anyway (smile) ….

Needless to say that was some hoe shit … Are there any Wizards fans on
here?? Am I making too big a deal of this?

Thanks Girls …. 🙂

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