Did Antonio Brown Kidnap His Own Son?

Isn’t this kidnapping though? Something about this entire story doesn’t seem right.


According to court documents filed by the baby mother, Shameika Brailsford, Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers) has had custody of their 4-year old son, Antonio Jr for months. She claims that he’s taken their son without her permission and she hasn’t had any contact with him. She worries that he is not being taken care of while Brown is out playing for the Steelers. Antonio Brown, on the other hand, claims this is all a lie and a ploy for Shameika to try and get money out of him. Well, that is a new low!


Antonio’s lawyers say that Shameika is lying and that not only did she consent to Antonio Jr living with his father back in February but that Antonio recently arranged to fly her to Pittsburgh to visit their son.


If what she is saying is true, why didn’t she go to authorities saying that Brown kidnapped their child months ago? She obviously knows where the child is and for the longest, she figured he was safe. Why make these accusations now? Women like this give real mother’s a bad rep. Even worse, she’s giving good fathers a bad rep. It’s not often you hear about NFL Ballers, especially at age 23, taking care of their children to the extent Antonio Brown has. She should be ashamed.


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