Diddy Talks Politics With Charlamagne; Endorses Joe Biden, Denounces Trump, & Launches Black Political Party

Sean “Diddy” Combs sat down with media personality Charlamagne Tha God Thursday to discuss pertinent political topics concerning the Black community and perhaps most notably, his endorsement of presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The REVOLT Media & TV chairman also announced his “boldest movement,” the launch of “Our Black Party”—a new and Black political party that will address the needs of Black Communities and strive to achieve its goal of “unifying behind a black agenda.” Diddy believes Black people do not have a place in politics, but now is the time to “seize our political power.”

“From a national, state, and local perspective, there’s currently a lot of energy in terms of people wanting to do something and Our Black Party is one vehicle that can be used to corral collective energy to cultivate change. We don’t just want symbolic change, we want substantive change,” Dr. Wes Bellamy, who is the co-chair of Our Black Party co-chair and former vice-mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia previously told REVOLT.

Diddy didn’t bite his tongue. He slammed Donald Trump and discussed his fears of him getting re-elected, “I really do believe in my heart that there’ll be a race war.” He also didn’t hold back on the celebrity-in-chief’s “stand back and stand by” statement which was directed to The Proud Boys after he was asked to denounce white supremacy during the first presidential debate.

Diddy took Trump’s comments as a threat, “White men like Trump need to be banished. That way of thinking is real dangerous. This man literally threatened the lives of us and our families about going to vote.” The hip-hop mogul says we’re in a war of Love versus Hate, that this is not a typical presidential election and we must realize this.

Diddy also spoke on his controversial “hold the Black vote hostage” statement. Although he admits feeling the same about politics, he acknowledges that we are at a more serious point and that it would be irresponsible for him to urge Black people to withhold their vote, but also for him not use his platform to make sure politics includes the Black narrative–hence why he created Our Black Party, which will aim to decriminalize poverty, defund the police, address healthcare racism, and help Black businesses grow, REVOLT reports.

“Our Black Party” will be spearheaded by young and fearless Black activists and elected officials, and it is Diddy who will put the money behind the movement. “If you look at the debates, we’re not even a part of the conversation. We don’t have any political power, we don’t have any political leverage and so we started our Black party with some young, fearless Black activists, elected officials, and I’ve stepped up and put the money behind it.”

As for Biden, Diddy is casting his vote for the Democrat candidate, despite saying his past work with left-wing politicians didn’t prove beneficial for the Black community after they got elected, “We need to get Biden in and hold him accountable,” he tweeted. “Trump has taken things too far. As Black people, we aren’t even a topic of real discussion. We can no longer stand for doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. That’s insanity! It’s time we unify.”

Diddy was known for his 2004 “Vote or Die” movement; his new initiative is an evolution and improvement of his past voting work.

Will you be joining?

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