Disney Casts Niles Fitch As Its First Black Live-Action Prince for ‘Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals’ Movie

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After years of scrutiny for lack of racial diversity, history has been made at Disney! For the first time ever, fans will get to witness a black male portray a prince for the upcoming Disney+ science fantasy film, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals.

Niles Fitch, who notably portrayed Randall on NBC series This Is Us, will now portray Prince Tuma in the forthcoming film. Prince Tuma is characterized as a charming prince with powers that are crucial to the society’s success, but his egotistic demeanor needs a course in compassion.

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals is about second-born teenage royals with unique powers that allow them to keep the world safe. Leading the group of young, powerful royals will be Professor James Morrow, who will be played by Skylar Astin. Like the movie motto “BORN TO DEFEND. THEY JUST HAVE TO LEARN HOW” says, the royals will have to learn the proper way to control their powers through the secret society so that it can be used for good instead of harm.

EW exclusively reported that Secret Society of Second-Born Royals will star Sam played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee, as its lead character. Sam is described as a defiant teen princess who lives in the kingdom of Illyria and in the shadow of her elder sister Princess Elanor, portrayed by Ashley Liao. Unlike Sam, Eleanor is next in line to rule Illyria.

“Sam has always felt like not only is she second born, but she is also second best,” Peyton Lee told EW. “She is struggling to find where she can shine and where she belongs.”

On a more positive note of her character, Lee said:

“Sam is going to be a unique addition to the Disney princess family because she doesn’t want to be a princess; she doesn’t want to be royalty. Because of that, it takes her on this journey of figuring out how to make it work for herself that’s going to break that delicate princess mold. When she finds this secret society that feels the same way, they figure out how to create their own legacy and have an impact on their country and the world.”

According to the exclusive, fans can expect to see Secret Society of Second-Born Royals premiere its streaming on Disney+ this summer. No exact date has been announced by Disney+ as of yet.

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