DJ Mustard's Ex-Wife Criticized Him For Considering Her An "Unfit Parent,” "I'm Truly Flabbergasted"

DJ Mustard’s Ex-Wife Criticized Him For Considering Her An “Unfit Parent,” “I’m Truly Flabbergasted”

Chanel Thierry, the former spouse of DJ Mustard, has publicly addressed their rift, expressing her strong objection to him labeling her as an “unfit parent.”

On Friday, Thierry vented her frustrations on Threads, criticizing the record producer for what she perceives as his subpar co-parenting and behavior as an ex-husband. She also issued a warning, suggesting that she might reveal potentially damaging information about him if his problematic behavior persists.

“Imagine a man leaving you after 11 years. Less than a year later moving his gf into the home y’all custom built for your family, playing house with your kids then turning around and trying to paint a picture like you are a unfit parent to get custody,” she said. “I’m truly flabbergasted.”

She added in another post, “Playing with me like I don’t have POUNDS of dirt on you is WILD.”

Mustard and Thierry have engaged in a series of heated exchanges ever since they initiated their  divorce proceedings in May 2022. Mustard initiated the process by filing the initial paperwork, citing irreconcilable differences. During that time, court documents revealed that they had previously executed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage in 2020.

The situation came to a resolution in July when Thierry’s attempt to secure $82,000 per month from her former spouse was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, Mustard is obligated to provide financial support to the tune of $24,500 each month to assist in caring for the three children they have together. Additionally, Mustard is responsible for covering the costs associated with any extracurricular activities the children may be involved in.

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