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So I’m on Necole Bitchie’s site and I read the article about Terricka and Antonio Cromartie’s wedding. She called it ghetto. As a result, I’ve learned that Terricka gets mad and goes hard at Necole Bitchie on Twitter because of her comments.

I could personally care less about the wedding, relationship, or foolishness of bickering on twitter. I was more
BAFFLED by the fact that he had 8 kids by 6 different women and in less than 5 years (in which 4 children were born in the same year…according to the info on

Now, every time I read of women having children by “ballers” that already have multiple children, it piques my interest. Why would they do such a thing? Is it because….

  • of the “hefty” child support check?
  • of the fact that they will have a baby by a baller?
  • he got that good peen?
  • of love? (side eye)

Who knows? And I frankly don’t care who you have a baby with. (However, it does irritate me when men and women do this knowing the dynamics and broken relationships/families in the black community. But that’s a whole other topic!) But I digress…

Ladies, ladies, ladies, if you’re hoping to hit the “gold mine” by having a baby by a baller or marrying a baller, please be smart and check the salary first to determine if his salary suits your needs!!! Salaries of athletes are public information. Use it as “research”;) (You wouldn’t buy a car without researching it first, right? ‘Nuff said.)

This situation reminded me of this story… I’m thinking to myself….. “3 kids and 3 bm’s??? How much money does he make in order to take care of them kids, the chick, and their possible future children?” So, at the time, I checked his salary and these were the results…

Year Team Base Salary Sign Bonus Other Bonus Total Salary Position

2009 Browns $ 310,000 $ 99,250 $ 0 $ 409,250 RB

….let’s do the math….

$409,250 for the year

-122, 775 taxes
– 81,850 agent
– 40,925 lawyer fees
– 60,156 child support
– 50,000 new car
– 10,000 jewelry
– 7500 poppin bottles in the club
– 36,044 living expenses
– 0 savings/retirement

As you can see, after “expenses” 409K isn’t really that much money. Yes, he may be a baller and his status may be appealing. But if you have other plans, don’t be a fucking fool! Cause you’ll end up looking stupid and not getting that hefty paycheck or living the “lifestyle” you thought you were gonna live (if that was your intention)! Now, if you’re just a dirty foot groupie simply wanting to fuck a baller, then this don’t apply to you! You don’t care anyways;)

So ladies, when dating these men to accommodate whatever intentions you may have, don’t forget to take into account the following:

  • agents typically get 3-5% of the salary
  • taxes is usually around 45-50% of the salary
  • child support is around 17% for one child, 25% for two children, 29% for three children, 31% for four children, and at least 35% for five or more children (varies by state) of the salary
  • lawyer fees can vary
  • annual living expenses can vary

Then, you also have to take into account the other responsibilities that they have or the dumb shit that they do. For example, taking care of family and friends, gambling at the casino, “making it rain” in the strip club, travel, vacations, and buying expensive clothes, jewelry, and cars.

Does checking his salary make you appear like a gold digger? Maybe yes; maybe no. It depends on your sole intention. And to be honest, I don’t care. Do you boo! But be smart about it. If one of the reasons you wanna be with a baller is because of money, then make sure his money is right! Ask yourself… how do I fit into the financial equation? Cause if he has children or other expenses/responsibilities, there may not be enough money to go around! You may be better off being with a regular “nine to five’er” without all the baby mama drama and groupies! “Regulars” need love too!

*Disclaimer: Now I understand that Terricka is cool with BA. So this isn’t a bashing. Thus, don’t come on here talking shit. I’m not trying to hear it. This isn’t about you. You’re good boo:) You got the ring and he makes enough to live an appropriate lifestyle. This is simply a PSA to other women.*

*Disclaimer #2: The salary posted comes from:
. There may be additional salary not accounted for. Thus, his financial situation may be better than what’s posted. So, don’t come on here talking shit either! This is simply a mere observation of reported data!

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