Donald Trump Wastes Over $1.3 Million In Taxpayers Money After 2nd Failed North Korea Summit

Donald Trump finally made it to Vietnam for a second summit with Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, but this time, he did it using taxpayer dollars and came back with no resolution with North Korea. Trump’s team spent almost $1.3 million on the trip, much of which went towards making sure they had cozy lodging accommodations.

According to federal procurement docs obtained by TMZ, lodging for Trump and his entourage during the two-day summit cost approximately $632k, between 3 hotels and miscellaneous costs. Kim reportedly became uneasy with the American press in such close quarters at the Melia Hanoi Hotel, in which the State Dept. paid a separate $157k for lodging elsewhere too.

Additionally, the conference rooms where Trump and Kim couldn’t come to an agreement cost $316k and lights, stereo systems, drapes and awnings cost about $100k all together. The Department of Defense also dropped close to $60k on leased internet lines.

Joseph Yun, a former US special representative for North Korea policy said, “This speaks to a lack of preparation. Usually, summits involve so much working level work. And in fact, you go to a summit and an agreement is a foregone conclusion. This time, we saw very little preparation, and I’m worried about that.” Trump may now be reevaluating whether it would be wise to meet Kim again without predetermined plans after leaving Vietnam without committing to a third summit. “We’ll see if it happens,” he said.

All of that money spent and North Korea still ain’t rocking with us.

(Photo By Oliver Contreras-Pool/Getty Images)

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