Donald Trump Is Against Abortions, But An Antibody Treatment That Was Tested Using Abortion Cells May Have Saved His Life From COVID-19

Donald Trump’s treatment for the coronavirus was tested using cells that originally came from an abortion.

Mr. Anti-Roe V. Wade should be biting his words after it was revealed that the very treatment Trump used to be treated for COVID-19 was tested with cells that came from an abortion that was performed back in the 70s.

From not wearing a mask to now catching COVID-19 because he refused to wear a mask, it seems like the chickens are coming home to roost for 45, who has also been outspoken against abortions. Last week, Trump received an emergency antibody, using a cell line that originally derived from abortion tissue, according to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the company that developed the experimental drug, Technology Review reports.

In 2019, Trump’s administration moved to restrict the National Institutes of Health’s ability to fund that kind of research, which worked toward finding medical uses of abortion tissue, among other things. His administration praised him, calling the action a “major pro-life victory.” 

Clearly, that all flew under the table when Trump caught the virus. New drugs for his COVID-19 treatment heavily relied on fetal cells, the publication reports.

After Trump showed several coronavirus symptoms, he received an emergency dose of anti-coronavirus antibodies made by Regeneron. According to the outlet, the molecules are created in cells from a hamster’s ovary. However, cells derived from a fetus are used to help test the treatment. According to Regeneron, lab tests used to access the potency of its antibodies employed a standardized supply of cells called HEK 293T, whose origin was kidney tissue from an abortion that took place in the Netherlands back in the 1970 Technology Review explains.

However, since the 293T were taken years ago, they are reportedly not seen as being connected to abortion politics, despite them coming from an abortion. “It’s how you want to parse it,” says Alexandra Bowie, a Regeneron spokesperson. “But the 293T cell lines available today are not considered fetal tissue, and we did not otherwise use fetal tissue.” 

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