Dr. Dre Presents The Prenup Nicole Young Allegedly Signed To Show Property Is Separate

Dr. Dre has just produced a prenup that he alleges his estranged wife Nicole Young signed, potentially protecting his assets in their bitter divorce.

According to TMZ, the prenup (which Mrs. Young has not acknowledged) stated that all property the couple acquired from the beginning of the 1996 marriage is separate — meaning what he acquires was his, and what she acquired was hers.

That prenup also stated that Nicole doesn’t waive her right to any spousal support. This means, even if the court upholds the prenup, Nicole can get a hefty monthly sum of support. She is currently seeking $2 million a month in support.

Dre’s legal team, which included famed divorce attorney Laura Wasser, claims $2 mil a month is a ridiculous request, citing his CPA’s filing, which declared Nicole’s actual monthly expenses total $293,306.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young
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