Dunkin Donuts Manager Arrested For Creating Fake Employee To Pocket Paychecks

A Dunkin’ Donuts manager in Pinellas Park, FL, was arrested for grand theft after police say she hired a fake employee to pocket an additional paycheck for herself.

29-year-old Markia Nelson was arrested by Pinellas Park police Monday morning after she hired a “fictitious person” on May 15, 2019. From May 16 through July 6, police say Nelson clocked the fake employee in and out, logging a total of 235 hours.

The arrest report says the fake employee earned $8.65 an hour, making a total of $1,610.84. Police say Nelson direct deposited that money into her own personal account and later admitted to what she did, claiming she used the money for “life expenses.”

Nelson was charged and booked into the Pinellas County Jail; however, she has since been released.

Dunkin Donuts Employee

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