Eminem Launches "Mom's Spaghetti" Pasta Sauces Following Success Of His Restaurant

Eminem Launches “Mom’s Spaghetti” Pasta Sauces Following Success Of His Restaurant

Eminem is continuing to grow his “Mom’s Spaghetti” brand with a new brand of pasta sauces.

The “Not Afraid” star first opened “Mom’s Spaghetti” in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Since then, he has launched several limited-time pop-up locations in various cities, bringing the taste of many Italian dishes to fans across the nation. Now, he is taking his eatery to a new level with the non-GMO sauce, which is available to purchase now.

The inaugural spaghetti sauce is made using ground tomatoes, citric acid, tomato paste, filtered water, onions, sugar, garlic, carrots, canola oil, spices, sea salt, and red wine vinegar. The rich red paste is sold individually or in a pack of two. For one jar, expect to shell out $13, and for the dual jars, the cost is $25. As of now, the condiment is only available on the “Mom’s Spaghetti” website, though it wouldn’t be surprising if supermarkets soon begin carrying the jars on their shelves.

In recent years, Eminem has focused less on recording new music and more on his entrepreneurial endeavors, with “Mom’s Spaghetti” becoming a massive hit among patrons. Many of the reviews for the restaurant are excellent, with people pointing out the great food and customer service. In addition to the restaurant industry, Eminem is still the owner of Shady Records.

Mom’s Spaghetti” is now accepting orders for its sauce, which will begin shipping on October 30th.

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