‘Everyday Struggle’ Co-Host Nadeska Alexis Addresses Troi “Star” Torain’s Sexually Inappropriate Comments Amid Torain Replacing Joe Budden

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Complex’s ‘Everyday Struggle’ has officially returned for its second season, but this time, with an all-new co-host added to the lineup.

On Monday, the series announced that radio personality and commentator Troi “Star” Torain would now serve as Joe Budden’s replacement–joining fellow host DJ Akademiks and moderator Nadeska Alexis, to continue leading the morning show. But, the announcement soon stirred a lot of backlash from viewers.

Back in December, during a segment of Torain’s ‘Star in the Morning’, he made some extremely inappropriate comments about Alexis that has since led many to question why he was still hired onto the show after the remarks that he made.

“How ’bout that Nadeska from ‘Everyday Struggle’?” he says. “How ’bout that little hot thing? I would love to jerk off on her leg. Nadeska. That’s a hot b****. I just want to say that on some reckless s***.”

However, on Tuesday’s episode of ‘Everyday Struggle’, Alexis addressed Torain’s derogatory comments, and he says that the “comments were made without having any knowledge that he would be [on the show]”.



“I didn’t know I was going to meet you guys. I say what I say. I do what I do. I snitch at night the way [DJ Akademiks] snitches in the morning. I said some things. When I got the email in regard to coming here, I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t think it was an invite to be a co-host,” Torain explains. “When I got down here, I said, ‘Oh, it’s an audition’. So, those comments were made way before I was contacted by you guys. Those comments were made without having any knowledge that I would even be here.”



Alexis then responded with, “So, if we’re already coworkers, it makes a difference, but if it’s someone you don’t know, you would make those comments?”



Subsequently, Torain admitted that his remarks were “sexist” and “wrong”, alleging that he is always “respectful” of his female co-hosts.

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