Fake Uber Crisis Occurring In Mexico, Cancun Authorities Warn Visitors

Fake Uber Crisis Occurring In Mexico, Cancun Authorities Warn Visitors

Cancun authorities are warning tourists about a fake Uber crisis going on as conflict continues between Uber and taxi drivers.

Apparently, hackers have hacked the WhatsApp accounts of Uber drivers to connect to their Uber accounts. From there, they make fake Uber accounts and charge for services. But what is likely more dangerous is the fact that customers of the popular ride-share app could get driven in an unknown vehicle that the company hasn’t approved.

Authorities are still working on fixing the crisis. Tourists and Uber users are being warned to stay away from “fake Uber” drivers. If they believe they have come across a fake account,  they should cancel the ride and contact authorities.

Users should also be concerned if an Uber driver asks for personal information because real Uber platforms already provide that information, and riders should be suspicious if a driver asks them questions.

The President of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, Eduardo Paniagua, sent out the warning, saying that anyone using the Uber platform could be in danger, “we are in danger on the issue of personal safety, because we do not know who or who are the people who can go to present this alleged Uber service and endanger your life and that of your loved ones.” 

For now, tourists are encouraged to hire private drivers or book their transportation needs with reputable companies. It’s also suggested that visitors contact their hotel or Airbnb host to check on any transportation services they may provide.

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