Family Matters: Brandon Moore chooses his FAMILY over the Dallas Cowboys

Former New York Jets player and Free Agent Brandon Moore agreed to an one-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. The 10-year veteran was excited about this decision until he began to think of his family and how his decision would affect them as well. How many athletes do you know that are willing to give up their careers for their families?


“I was wrestling with it all night,” Moore told’s Mike Garafolo on Wednesday. “I was excited, but when you start looking at all the personal factors that go into it and the commitment on the football side and you’ve been in a different mental state also the past three or four months because no action’s been happening, you kind of move on with your life.”

Said Moore: “I was happy with that and fine with that. But when you get a call from a coach I care deeply for in (Cowboys offensive coordinator) Bill Callahan, you start to feel it, you get excited and you’re finally like, ‘I want to do it.’ But you map out the logistics of it all — the physical and mental commitment, the tear on your family


You have to respect his decision to walk away from the game while he is healthy and able to be with his family. A lot of players are not able to do that after a few years and a few injuries in the NFL. Let’s pray that he will find a new source of inspiration off the field.


SOURCE: Around The League

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