Man Arrested For Fatal Texas A&M Homecoming Party Shooting Denies Involvement

A Greenville, Texas man was arrested  Monday for a shooting at an off-campus Texas A&M college party, which ended fatally for two and left at least a dozen injured.

Brandon Ray Gonzales, 23, was taken into custody Monday morning upon arrival to a Greenville auto dealership, where he washes cars. 

Upon arraignment, Gonzales was charged with Capital Murder, and his bond was set at $1 million. 

However, since then, the 23-year-old, father of 3, has maintained his innocence. During an exclusive interview with WFAA-TV from the Hunt County Jail, Brandon stated he was dressed as a Security guard for the Halloween themed Homecoming party, but was not inside the Party Venue when the shooter opened fire. Brandon said he was in his car and has witnesses who can corroborate his story.

However, authorities say they were able to identify Gonzales as the alleged shooter after “pushing and pushing until people finally started coming forward.” Authorities also state they believe Gonzales went to the venue to target one specific person and then opened random fire into the crowd.

As the investigation continues, this story is still developing. However, a motive remains unknown. Our deepest condolences to the families of Kevin Berry Jr. and Byron Craven Jr., both 23, who were killed.

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