FBI to Investigate the Re-Registration of 19 Deceased Virginia Residents in the Swing State


This election has become one of the most important elections in history. As the battle between #Democratic presidential nominee #HilaryClinton and #Republican presidential nominee #DonaldTrump heats up, citizens of the #UnitedStates are in a panic. Many are even threatening to leave the country if the latter gets elected.

Since the beginning, the two nominees have played dirty by allegedly leaking authorized information, trading insults, accusations, and more in an effort to swing the vote in their favor. But, it seems like the candidates aren’t the only ones looking to control the outcome of the election.

According to the #WashingtonPost, the FBI and local police are investigating the re-registration of 19 dead #Virginia residents.

Apparently, officials became aware of one incident after the family of a deceased man received a letter congratulating him on registering.

According to reports, all 19 were initially registered voters in #Harrisonburg, VA. The forms were said to be submitted by a private group, who have not been identified, that was working to register people at #JamesMadisonUniversity.

Following the commencement of the investigation, Republicans in the House of Delegates called in to reiterate their support for stricter Voter ID laws and to emphasize the idea of voter fraud in the critical swing state of Virginia.

“Oftentimes we hear our Democratic colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn’t exist in Virginia, or it’s a myth,” the House spokesperson said. “This is proof that voter fraud not only exists but is ongoing and is a threat to the integrity of our elections.”

However, the House Minority leader refuted the claims, because no one actually voted.

“First of all, there was no voter fraud — they caught him,” he said said. “Nobody cast a vote. . . . There’s still no evidence of that going on in the state. But there is evidence every time you turn around that the Republicans are trying to make it more difficult for citizens to vote in elections.”

The incident is under investigation. No charges have been filed

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