Feds Reveal R. Kelly’s Medical Records Show He Has An STD

The U.S. Attorney’s office revealed that it has R. Kelly’s urgent care records and drugstore receipts as evidence in an effort to prove that the singer knowingly exposed women to an incurable STD.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Prosecutors initially tried to persuade a judge to keep the “sensitive information” sealed in order to speed up the proceedings in the ongoing legal saga, but in a letter to Kelly’s attorneys dated August 15th, they cited medical records that prove that the singer knowingly gave at least one sexual partner an STD. 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said that her office had the singer’s medical records from different sources, including University Health Systems and Urgent Care and drugstore chain, Walgreens- which bolstered their claims that he knowingly infected partners with the Herpes virus.

Kelly’s lawyers have denied the claims and maintain that there is “zero evidence”  that he gave the alleged victim an STD.

The Feds also claim to also have receipts for hotel stays, air travel, Ubers and bank statements that provide a neatly outlined paper trail that show that both Kelly and his employees conspired to transport alleged victims from state to state.

The government didn’t stop there. They also served search warrants on AT&T and Apple to get access to Kelly’s records and have seized the emails he’s sent from inside federal lockup.

The feds are building a case, alleging that for more than 20 years, R. Kelly has been the head of a criminal empire that has shuttled girls from all across the country, directly to him for sex.

The disgraced singer has been indicted on racketeering charges and for kidnapping and forced labor.

R Kelly Has an STD
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  1. Trying so hard to humiliate and dehumanize R.Kelly.
    Wonder why this “civilized” society has the greatest mass murdering of any nation in history.

  2. The football coach for the Patriots did the exact same thing!! They let him get that Superbowl winning and celebrated. Then a week later he exposed for been in a sex and transporting underage girls across the map. HE FREE AND CHARGES DISAPPEARED. ?? but they collecting 20 years ago evidence on R.Kelly and none of the girls parents are been charged for transferring their kids for money to R. Kelly. Gtfoh

    • Those parents should been in trouble too alot of them put their kids out for money.why him alone bearing the weight.jus saying ?

    • Stephanie Jackson

      That’s because the Patriots coach had prostitutes not underage girls dumbass

    • The Patriots owner got a blow job from a prostitute at a massage parlor. He was not transporting girls across the country to give him some nookie. What are you talking about dumbass?

  3. Them same people that put this out if you would put there stuff out there like that they would be trying to sue you.. this is so wrong. I really hope he walks away from all this.. this shit is all about money. Free R.kelly

  4. F r ivilous,staile,prob cause BULLSHYTTTTT,disease parrt? ” To hey they were thirstyu

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