Finding Love On The World Wide Web (Episode 2)

The world is changing and thanks to the internet it has become easier to meet people. You don’t have to be on the scene to snag a Baller these days. Now you can sit comfortably behind a computer screen and grab his attention. The internet is the new wave. People find love on here all the time. Here’s another installment of our Baller Alert online dating series where real Baller Alert readers like yourself tell their stories about their experiences with finding love on the world wide web. 


Have you found love on the internet? What was the good bad & ugly? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected]


For now, read a WWW Love Story from a Baller Alert reader below:

“My fiancée and I met on February 2011. I was on the site deleting multiple messages from men that I wasn’t interested in and decided to look through pictures of the guys that viewed my profile. I noticed that a cute thug with braids had viewed mine and I decided to read a little about him. His profile made him sound really ambitious and sweet so I did something I never do and messaged him first.. I asked why he was creeping on my profile but didn’t send me a message. He responded with “you are a very pretty girl”. He was afraid to approach me online. So our friendship grew from there. Emailed led to texts and we eventually decided to meet up for dinner a week or so later.

On the night we met, he kept texting and calling to delay our date and we ended up meeting 45 minutes later than planned. I was seriously annoyed because I’m a very punctual person. When he showed up with a dozen pink roses ( my favorite color) I decided to let his tardiness slide. He told me that he wanted to make a good first impression so he drove to his Mom’s house and she helped make the bouquet. We had a great conversation and time and we have been together ever since.. We got engaged October 2012. We have gone through good and bad times but I can honestly say online dating brought me together with my total opposite and love of my life.”



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