Five Halloween Ideas For 2020

Halloween is one of the most highly anticipated days of the year for children and adults alike. The spooky decorations, costumes, candy, parties and trick-or-treating makes for a night of fun. Unfortunately, as with most things this year, Coronavirus has put a major damper on otherwise ordinary activities. As states have reopened and lowered their social distancing restrictions, COVID cases and death tolls continue to rise across the country. In spite of the severity of COVID, many places are still allowing traditional trick-or-treating while most experts urge against it. If you are still on the fence about how to celebrate Halloween this year, consider any of the following suggestions.


Have A Guestless Halloween Party

It won’t be the same as having a house filled with people, going door-to-door or attending a costume party, but the night doesn’t have to be a total bore. If you have children, allow them to dress up, decorate the house, play their favorite music, board games and make ghoulish treats. You can make a bowl of eyeballs using hard boiled eggs or ghost brains made from a pack of ramen noodles. If sweets are more your style, you can opt for decorating cupcakes, baking cookies or making s’mores by the fire. Either way, a little creativity goes a long way, especially for the little ones.

Scary Movie Night

We’ve all probably watched way too much TV this year due to quarantine, but another night of binge watching won’t hurt. Whether you are boo’d up or single, grab some snacks or your favorite drink and watch your list of all-time favorite scary movies or the most recent updates on the upcoming election, whichever scares you the most.

Candy Hunt

Fill up plastic Easter eggs with candy, money or toys and hide them around the house and yard for the kids to find. For an X-rated adult version; hide mini liquor bottles or sexy notes for an X-rated adult version of hide and go get it.

Host A Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Make a night of it by having a pumpkin carving contest. I know we are all a bit sick of Zoom, but have your family and friends join in on the fun by participating and voting on the best pumpkin. Don’t forget to make some pumpkin seeds to snack on.

Leave A Bowl Of Candy Outside

As we’ve seen throughout the year, people are going to do whatever they please. While it may not be the best idea to go trick-or-treating this year, there will be many who decide to go anyway. You may not want to open your door to a flock of kids all night, but you can leave a bowl of candy outside with a note advising kids to take one. If you have a Ring device, you can spook the kids on the intercom if you catch them taking more than they should. Take it easy on them though, its been a rough year for them too.


Halloween 2020

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