Flavor Flav Wants To Help Melinda Gates Find A New Man

The announcement of the billion-dollar divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates is still fresh, but Flavor Flav is already offering to help Melinda find love.

The rap and reality TV legend told Too Fab that Melinda should follow in his dating show footsteps.

Flav pitched his idea during a recent interview, saying, “Hey yo! We should do a TV show on Melinda Gates! ‘The Melinda of Love.’ Yeah, I’ll produce it. I’ll be the one to set up Melinda,” he said.

Flav definitely knows what it takes to make great reality TV like his classic shows “The Flavor of Love” and “Strange Love.”

“I know one thing: Melinda ain’t sad,” he said when he was asked about the Gates’ upcoming divorce. “I doubt she’s sad, come on, man — she’s going to walk away with half!”

Flav doesn’t think the world’s most eligible bachelorette should be upset about the end of her 26-year marriage.

“She cannot be sad. And if she’s sad, we’re gonna take her to the hospital to get a check-up,” the rapper said. “Walking away with a $130 bill? Come on man! That’s not a sad day in the neighborhood to me.”

When asked if he should date Melinda, Flav replied, “She wanna give me half her money?” he asked jokingly. “Nah, I ain’t gonna lie, but I’m a little too good for Melinda Gates. I’m way too good for Melinda Gates,” Flav added before sending Melinda one last message.

“Melinda! Contact your boy Flavor Flav and I’ll hook you up a man,” he said.

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