Flight Passenger Who Faked An Illness For A Better Seat Ends Up In Custody

An American Airlines flight headed to Miami from Pensacola had to return to the airport within an hour after takeoff.

According to a statement from American Airlines, at around 6:26 a.m. Friday, the aircraft returned to the airport due to a passenger allegedly needing medical assistance.

Not long after takeoff, a woman started complaining to flight attendants and requesting a bigger seat. After her request was denied, she became ill, and the pilot rerouted the plane back to the airport to accommodate the woman with medical assistance, according to Pensacola Public Information Officer Mike Wood.

As the plane headed back at the airport, that’s when employees began to suspect that the passenger was faking. Upon arrival, the passenger was asked to get off the plane, and after she refused, police were called to the scene, Wood told CNN.

The flight took off for a second time at approximately 7:41 a.m.

Wood also explained that after speaking with the police, the passenger was then taken into custody and taken to a mental health facility because of the remarks she made to officials. In Florida, The Baker Act law enables officials to detain people if there is suspicion of impairment because of mental illness.

The woman whose identity is protected by the Baker Act “has not yet been charged, but criminal charges could be filed,” Wood said.

American Airlines passenger fakes sick

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