Florida Father Drowns 1-Year-Old Son In Lake In Apparent Murder-Suicide After Domestic Dispute With Child’s Mother

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According to PEOPLE, authorities discovered the bodies of a 28-year-old man and his 1-year-old son Monday evening in Orlando, Fla.

Authorities identified Miguel Leonardo Hernandez as the father who drowned his son, Kevin Leonardo-Cisnero, in Lake George after a heated argument with the child’s mother.

Heidi Rodrguez, Orlando police spokeswoman, said there were many arguments between the couple.

After initially drowning his son, Hernandez reportedly returned to the lake where he then drowned himself, the police report revealed.

Orlando investigators ruled the case a murder-suicide, adding that there are no leads of other suspects.

Although Hernandez was caught on surveillance cameras before drowning his child, it is unclear how much time passed between the duration of the father and son’s deaths.

PEOPLE attempted to seek a comment from relatives of the father and son, but could not reach anyone.

Father Drowns SOn and Himself

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