Florida Man Shoots Twin Brother In The Face After Joking Around in SUV

Authorities say that a Florida man fatally shot his twin brother while joking around in an SUV.

According to Pinellas County Jail records, 23-year-old Thomas Parkinson-Freeman was arrested Monday morning and charged with manslaughter.

The police report says that Parkinson-Freeman and his brother Mathias were sitting in a parked vehicle at their Gulfport home on Sunday evening when the fatal shooting took place.

Investigators say that the brothers and a friend were joking around in the SUV when Mathias pulled out a handgun and pointed at his brother. Thomas then pulled out his own handgun which fired and struck Mathias in the face.

Parkinson-Freeman told police he had no intention of harming his brother and couldn’t remember pulling the trigger. Police say that Thomas had immediately begun first aid after the shooting.

Authorities say that investigators concluded that Thomas had no intention of committing murder and that the victim died of culpable negligence.

Thomas Parkinson-Freeman was released Monday on a $30,000 bond.

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