Longtime Florida Police Chief Accused Of Saying A Deputy’s Death Was Caused By “Homosexual Events” Resigns

Dale Engle, the Davie police chief who came under scrutiny after reportedly stating that a Broward Sheriff’s deputy died of COVID-19 complications because he was a “homosexual who attended homosexual events,” has elected to resign from his position.

NBC Miami reported that Engle sent in his letter of resignation on Monday. Within his letter, the soon-to-be-former police chief wrote that his final day with the department would be September 3rd.

“To say that I have been privileged to proudly serve this Town is an understatement,” Engle wrote. “I will cherish the past two-plus decades of life and work experiences that have helped define my character, life purpose, and ultimately developed me into who I am today.”

Engle was placed under investigation after members of the Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police alleged that he was partaking in an “offensive tirade.” The chief was accused of demoralizing fellow officers from alerting concerns on COVID-19 protocol. It was also mentioned that Engle attended a meeting for patrol, and he reportedly talked down to the other officers.

The outlet noted that Engle continued his harassment as employees were ordered to assemble formation in the department’s parking lot. During this time, the Fraternal Order of Police states that Engle brought up the death of BSO Deputy Shannon Bennett, 39.

Bennett, a 12-year veteran deputy, died in April after being diagnosed with the coronavirus in March.

According to the organization F.S.L.F.O.P., Engle allegedly told the employees that Bennett’s death resulted from him being gay and attending “homosexual events.” They said that Engle believed that because of his sexual preference and lifestyle, Bennett had an underlying disease, which irritated the virus.

Engle was placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation into the allegations brought against him. According to reports, the investigation is still ongoing, and provide no further information.

Dale Engle

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