Floyd Mayweather Explains How Beef With 50 Cent Began, Says He’s Officially Done With The Drama 

After weeks of back and forth, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is finally opening up about his beef with 50 Cent. Although, he wishes the rapper-turned-actor the best, he says he’s officially done with the drama. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In a recent interview with Complex News, Mayweather broke down the root of his issue with 50. Although the social media beef may have begun over a $18 million Jacob and Co. wrist watch, the undefeated boxer says it’s all started over a failed business deal. 

“If you choose not to be my friend no more then so be it,” he said, as the interviewer asked what he thought went wrong. “A guy Tommy Summers, who used to be around me, asked me -I guess he went to 50 Cent and asked 50 Cent about getting involved in boxing.” 

“I was doing time, I read the newspaper. It said, you know, congratulations to 50 Cent for going to get the boxing license for TMT promotions,” he said, as he explained 50 had been trying to remove Mayweather’s adviser, Al Haymon from his position. 

“It took me from 1987 til now to build my brand,” he said. “I don’t want nothing from G Unit, whatever you got going on, let’s just remain friends and say cool.” 

As the conversation continued, denying any claims that he owed 50 Cent money. “I don’t owe anyone money,” he said. 

Do you think this beef will ever end?

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