Floyd Mayweather Wants To Stop His Ex,Shantel Jackson, From Questioning His Friend In Their Ongoing Legal Battle

Floyd Mayweather is fighting mad. 

The boxer wants to prevent his ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson from deposing his friend, Marc Laidler as a part of their dueling lawsuits against each other.  

Mayweather contends if his friend gives testimony it could violate a settlement the two men have reached.  

Shantel filed a motion seeking permission to depose Laidler as she believes he has critical information that can help further her claims against Mayweather. 

According to the Blast, Jackson believes that Laidler has information that pertains to her claims Mayweather “engineered the theft of her personal property from a storage unit in Glendale, California.”

In her suit, she explains that she broke up with Mayweather originally in 2013 and moved out of his Nevada home to Los Angeles. She said she put the majority of her stuff in a storage unit, but then Mayweather persuaded her to move back to Vegas and resume their relationship.

Once she did, Jackson claims Mayweather had someone come in and steal large quantities of her personal belongings and that she only realized the theft months later. 

She also says that the boxer even admitted to taking the items and promised he would return the property- only if Shantel agreed to his terms. 

Shantel said that through her own investigation, she determined that Marc Laidler had a direct hand in the theft and she wants her lawyers to have the opportunity to grill him in a deposition. 

Jackson and her lawyers are asking for him to turn over all records including information on whether Floyd had the property handed over to one of his baby mothers, Melissa Brim.

Mayweather’s lawyers are arguing that Laidler’s testimony is irrelevant and would be a violation of a confidential settlement signed between Mayweather and Laidler, saying that Jackson’s request is overbroad and that her real motive is to gain access to confidential settlement documents.

Jackson is also looking to determine if Laidler has documents relating to any claim by Laidler that Floyd Mayweather committed or directed any other person to commit any violent act upon Laidler at any point.

Ms. Jackson’s attorneys believe that Laidler’s testimony would be able to explain where her property was disposed, Mayweather’s motives and credibility as a witness and Mayweather’s reputation for violence.

Mayweather accuses her of abusing the court’s subpoena power by trying to get the documents and testimony from Laidler, and his legal team is pleading for the judge to deny her motion.

Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson

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