For My Ready To Wear Chics..Chloe is for You!!!

For those fashionistas privy to Chloe, consider me a novice. My first recollection about this designer was when Jay-Z referenced the sun shades. Of course thereafter, everyone & their mother had the knockoff versions. A complete fashion no-no. No disrespect to those who enjoy faking the funk, but thats a waste of time, and a tease. As a student to the world of fashion, consider school to be in session. Fashion is art, & I love painting a masterpiece.

From what I’ve learned, Chloe’ amongst the other premier designers is fairly new in regards to its founding date. Although it is rather pricey, that’s nothing to a baller; men & women alike. Chloé was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian-born Parisienne. Rejecting the stiff formality of the 50’s fashion, she created soft, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics and called them “luxury prêt-à-porter”(ready to wear). Unique for their time, they were beautifully made clothes available off the rack. Chloé is a French luxury fashion design house headquartered in Paris, France

If any of you ladies feel there should be something added, please feel free to do so. In fashion, one can never have too much knowledge. I hope you enjoy some of the items that caught my eye.

Cashmere sweater dress ($1,010)

Crepe de Chine dress ($1,250)

Striped chunky cardigan ($2,065)

Raised leaf boots ($1,495)

Joan Bucket Bag(1,670)

Heloise Convertible Satchel ($1,875)

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